We’re not just any power company. We’re proudly Canadian and proud to be pioneer investors in Ukraine. Our investments are part of a global effort to stabilise and strengthen the country after years of turbulence.

Nikopol solar plant

Nikopol solar plant

Our first 10.5 MW solar plant at Nikopol created dozens of highly skilled jobs in a remote, rural part of the country.

The plant raises revenue for the city budget and saves 12,738 tons of carbon dioxide that would otherwise be emitted into the environment annually.

VitaSolar – Kalinovka solar plant

We are building 13.5 megawatts of solar power for the Mykolayiv region. It’s one of the best locations for solar radiation in Ukraine reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 18,212 tons a year.

Future projects

We are presently constructing, auditing and developing new renewable projects for our investors. As per Ukraine regulations and disclosure rules, these projects will be announced and disclosed to the press and communities when we are ready for public consultation.